Enrique Lemus
The Empty Room

"Like desperate shadows through the night
We're dying to reach the dawn before the light
Unwilling to reborn ourselves and our believes
We're condemned to repeat history as it had seemed

As the ring's owns endlessness we have misunderstood
The whole reason has become nothing as an empty room
Is our own faithless nature soiled by a hopeless end?
Or else everything has been written just before my death"

Portrait Of A Borges's Dream

"Alone he came, like a lamb into the woods
Through the darkness and the cold he walked
No signs of fatigue and hopelessness were found
But still he was looking for the lost sons before
the dawn..."


"Remember what we were in the past?,
a half of what we are now?

Maybe everything remains and nothing
has changed, could it be that we're only
an illusion of what we want to be?

Inside the chaos and the absurdity, reach
and find yourself; the internal peace
so fragile and unreal, like memories
clustered inside our most beautiful

Narcissus's Uncertainty

"Father hold me tight, Mother don't you
cry in this masquerade of silk and gold;
there's no one else to trust.
What I can't touch or see; is not real
Do I have to put my hand in his wound
to believe?
Blue skies will provide shelter to both the
clean and the mean, the powerful and 
the rich will be honored, forgetting all
their sins; Society will build a new God,
covered with green.
No Angel will bring the sword and no evil
will be crowned, the circle is closed, but
the question still belongs... am I alone?"


"He has gone, but has never left us alone."


"Don't be seduced by the beauty of the
night, it'll pull you apart from the truth. 
Find the light inside your heart"

  Copyright 1995-2008 by Enrique Lemus, all rights reserved.  

Enrique Lemus

Influenced in his youth by a wide variety of artists and art forms. He finally
starts his work in 1995, after have experienced a need to express his
world through painting.

Going from Heaven to Hell, from Temptation to sublime; He likes to
clash reality and surrealism together, so that life can reach life.
The life that lies in the back of our mind; in our conscience and by doing it,
find the answer to our quests.

"What should be the reason for a man to tear up his soul; break it,
crumble and then re-define himself?….to expose just a glance of his
dreams? or probably to reach some others souls out there”

That could be the artist’s driving force, he finds concepts that portraits
the whole variety of the spectrum of life, that can be a universal language
to all. He is a constant finder, more than a searcher.

“I hope you’ll enjoy my paintings as much as I enjoyed painting them…